BASS TECHNIQUE | Hello everybody, do you miss me? i'm so sorry because not update my blog,yeah because i'm very-very busy with my bussiness and my school. And now i want update my post, Last my post is Perbedaan Blog Dengan Website, And now i want back to my hobby is music.
This time i want to make a post about music, and this is about bass. Yeah, bass technique.

Basic Play Bass

Like the guitar, the bass is a stringed musical instrument that uses strings as a sound source. It's just bass using 4 (the top sting on the gutar if there is), which is the most low E string, the A string, D string and the G sting is the higest. Arrangement of the strings on the bass (4 strings) also starts from string 6=E, 5=A, 4=D and 3=G. Similarly in writing in tablature, bass only using 4 lines representing the strings.

Bass Function

In one song, bass and guiding role as a determinant of the chord being played in every movement of the song. Here bass guitar and piano play along. Bass also served as an accompaninment to music while playing, which is sehared with reh role of the drummer. If known that the bass seemed to connect between the guides (gutar and piano) with accompaniment (drums) so it can be a harmonious and well organized.

Root Note

Every song or music using chord as accompaniment. Chord itself is actually a collection of at least 3 tones sounded together adjacent ato. The main sound is the most easily recognized of the three tones is called the root note, and the next two are complementary tone chord that can result in mood or feel of its own. For example chord C minor (Cm) meaning its root note is C and the next second tone is what determines the C chord into a minor chord types.
The tones are played on the bass tone usually is derived from the root note which is the main tone of a chord above. So easy,play bass should know that using that chord in a song is what, tuez live quotes wrote the note C, D, B, A's up to it as long as the root note!! Play time beats displacement fitting tone chord. Plus tones with specific gudelines for improvasi that can be trained, the bass wil enchance the nuances that were presented in a song. It is the understanding of the fundamental. Simple right.

Strength of Bass

Techniques to determine when explaining that played bass beats often identical with the power of the bass drum track. Beats as is evident in blues songs. Bass drum is often played in uniform also shows that the game i actually also played bass uniforms. It is ceal bass as accompaniment tracks of great importance. Othe techniques explained that determining bass beats can be done by understanding the pressures on each part of the song like the sound of a gong at the entry of ethnic music. On reggae and ska music, bass impression of a unique and cheerful in a monotonous accompaniment.

Bass Playing Techniques

Played bass in a way similar to the guitar, which is picked. Othe bass playing techniques such as slapping (hitting), strumming bass also done by players who have been classified as proficient as Flea RHCP, almost all techniques played on all the songs.Different from the pattern of the game being played Sting The Police are referring to the reggae music at its beginning. Sting bass tend to use the root note is played on each one evenly beats and moving as it is to follow the movement of the chord. Games like this is in the song "EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE", After all by relying on the root note, his songs so well.
In the jazz songs, the bass is often regarded as the driving force of the song colors song and deciding you want to display. Given also that jazz chord always use a complex and rely on individual improvasi, the game required more powerful bass in may ways.
And for more details see the scores, especially for the melodic minor scales where different ride that down
Sometimes it plays seven tones in a chord not possible or is not required. Especially if we are playing songs that have a fast tempot with dense chord movement, therefore often used the pentatonic scale has only five tone (penta = five tonic = tone)
On the pentatonice scale, do not use the second and sixth tone. So the formula is 1,3,4,5,7. For example in A pentatonice Mixolydian Scale stair pitch is A, C#, D, E, G. In this case the Dorian and Aeolian modes being different is not the same alias. For example A and A Aeolian Dorian pentatoncie scales pentatonice his equally A, C, D, E, G. Scale that no is played as pentatonic Blue Note (Blues Scale).
In hte intro to the song "Sweet Child O'Mine", GN'R bassist Duff McKagan plays a riff on a db with a different note length. In that time guitarist slash plays melodic riffs in Db major with not 1/8. (Both guitar and bass turned a half tone lower than standard, but the sheet music is a written in standard tone).

Thanks for reading, Come again my friends Connelo ic ^_^

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